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If you’re Lucky Enough to Get Selected, Sony Will Deliver You a PS4 PSVR Headset + Skyrim


If speaking of last year then time has moved a long ahead from the launch of PlayStation VR, now it has more difficult in finding retailers to offer demo units. This undoubtedly means that your only scope in trying the PSVR without buying one is if you have a friend who owns the headset. But now there’s some change happening with Sony, as it’s now offering in sending a demo right away to the home of selected PlayStation 4 owners. It seemed that promotion was proven to be popular and was offered to higher number of people than the units Sony had, to go around. Those still making an attempt to get a demo unit are being sent away.

In order to select Sony has started sending emails to PS Plus owners, offering them with an opportunity for advantages of this promotion. In integration to the headset itself, the trial package has a PlayStation camera, which beside PS4 is another mandatory component, a copy of Skyrim VR, two PlayStation Move controllers, and a demo disc. You do need to supply the PS4.

These trial units are made available to the member essentially as a free of cost, for a two-week rental. In order to get this trial, you do need to provide a credit number to Sony that will be charged $300, incase if you don’t return this after 14 days of trial. And if you enjoy the experience and feel like keeping it then alternatively, you can opt in keeping the package of $300, which is a great deal having said that where the Skyrim bundle normally costs $450.

As per official terms and conditions, there are only total of 1.400 PSVR units present, and this trial promotion will be around there for only a portion of this Christmas month December. This October Sony delivered an updated version of the PSVR, making some small refinements such as; permitting the HDR pass through with a unit of external processor. Though Sony might expand this plan if it feels that can come along some time in the future may be.


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