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Visa Sacks Top Executive Who Handled Partnerships with Companies like; Apple, PayPal


Recently Visa fired one of its top most executives on Friday having mentioned behavior that violate the policy of the company.

Jim McCarthy, who is a high-profile executive handling strategic and innovation partnerships for Visa with many companies that also include Apple Inc and PayPal Holdings Inc., was sacked from the company but with no specific behavior known. This conclusion was announced in a memo, which was sent to the staff of the company by the president of Visa, Ryan Mclnerney.

Though after this happened Mr. McCarthy couldn’t be reached instantly for comment.

McCarthy gave 18years of his service life to Visa. Within the technology community of the company he became an important figure of the company.

The executive reported to the President; Mr. Mclnerney, who reports to the chief of the Visa; Alfred Kelly. Both Mr. Kelly and Mr. Mclnerney were jointly involved with the decision made for firing McCarthy, as said by a person familiar with this matter.

Lately the behaviour came into consent of Mclnerney, which the person added. The sacking of McCarthy was reported previously by the technology website Recode.

In the U.S. Visa is the widest card network through which credit and debit transactions take place.

On an interim basis McCarthy is being replaced by jack Forestell, who is the global head of solutions and merchant sales of Visa, as per the company.

As per the technology publication “Recode” it has come to be known that this top profile executive of Visa has made a violation of the credit card policy of the company. Regarding his departure it was said that the behavior couldn’t be ignored as it runs the counter that leads to the leadership culture and principles of the company. Recode also reported that the internal memo where sacking was decided didn’t have any allegations described about the incident of his behavior. A spokesperson of Visa declined to make any immediate comment when was asked by Recode.


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