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Release Date of God of War is been Listed on PlayStation 4

God of War

The release date of 2018 God of War has been a torment till date, but this might come to an end if it is believed to be viewed in the listing of Chilean PlayStation Store. The exclusive PS4 game God of War is having its release date in the most antique way possible.

The forthcoming action game of the PlayStation Store Page for Sony Santa Monica, discloses a release date on 22nd March of 2018. Now that would be making some sense, as the series has conventionally launched in March. Though no official statement has been given by Sony but yes the release date matches with the earlier release dates of the previous God of War games. All the mainline entries has had a release date on March and coincidentally 22nd March is also the release date of the first ever God of War game that was in 2005 for the PS2.

By chance if you have missed it then you can check it out on the preview of the recent iteration of God of War from this year’s E3.

So now God of War is back and with it comes fresh new ideas. It’s happening not only in gameplay, with truly defensive options, helper character, and the eradication of the blatant button prompts. Along with it also comes the world from which the mythology of this gaming world is taken from.

Pre-order has already began for the God War in Flipkart and “Games The Shop”, and just like majority of the games published by Sony, it will having a retail price of $60 in the U.S. and for Rs. 3,999 in India. It will be live soon enough in Amazon India. But for now both the sites have no pre-order bonuses for this game. After the revelation of God of War release date, Sony is bringing out the PS4 Pro. One thing can be said here that there will be enhancements with the PS4 Pro. However, the game in full is said to be obtainable in 391 days on 12 December of 2018.


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