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YouTube CEO Promises in Making New Resemblance in Advertisements over Abusive Videos

YouTube CEO

Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube promised to break down on the bad actors those involved in uploading offensive videos to the video sharing site that’s Google-owned, in two of the blog posts that was published this late Monday. She said that protecting both the advertisers and viewers of YouTube from any abusive content would need a new approach to advertising on the YouTube.

Susan’s public statement comes forward after a massive counterblast of unfitting videos that had used characters of popular children and frequently used tags in order to surface on the kid’s app on YouTube and skip through the filter for age restrictions. Few of the videos that were highlighted also had featured suggestive situations of children those are underage, and had drawn comments from sexual predators.

YouTube had a response to this by removing highlighted channels made in reports, yet the advertisers nonetheless began to restrain their budgets from the service of the video. Susan on Monday said that Google had plans in growing the team of people for addressing content policy violations to over 10,000 by next year. She also commended the success of YouTube by taking down the videos from all violent extremists, having said that the service had discarded 15,000 of such videos since June all alone. Susan said that machine learning acted as the key in identifying an removing those contents, and it was since they started to make use of machine language to flag extremists and violent content in June, the technology had made a review and had flagged content, which would have taken about 18,000 people working 40 hours/week to assess.

She also said that now YouTube want to use these identical technologies alongside human reviews, to even clamp down on offensive and similar inappropriate contents, and it is because they have seen positive results, so have started training with machine-learning technology across other challenging areas of such contents that also includes hate speech and child safety.

Whatsoever Susan also said that they are working on applying more strict criteria and most importantly also ramp up the team of ad reviewers in ensuring ads that are only where necessary?


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