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The new Christmas Tree Frapuccino by Starbucks is So Far the Most Intense Social-Media Stunt Drink


Everyone’s favorite Starbucks is making another star entry for its drink lover with its all new Christmas Tree Frapuccino this Christmas season. The drink will only be there in the menu for only four days starting form Dec 7 to 11th of December that’s Monday. Whilst the Christmas Tree Frapuccino is exclusively up for the Instagram, it cracks down from the traditional Unicorn Frapuccino drink in one significant way; and that’s actually by tasting a lot better.

The new Tree Frapuccino has got the over the top highlight on the Menu made by Starbucks.

Like the earlier ones before this, the Unicorn Frapuccino and the Zombies, the green-whipped having cream-top, drink is just Instagram-ready and will be present in the menu just for few days.

The festive Frapuccino at the taste test informs something surprising and it’s basically worth urging out for the drink that’s obtainable only for a short period of time on the menu.

It’s helpful since the Frapuccino itself is the tried and one true favourite rather than all other random loud colours and high sugar. The base of this drink is a Peppermint Mocha Cream Frapuccino, one of the preferred Frapuccinos on the menu, and artistically it balances the sweetness level, mocha, and minty flavours.

The elements of “Christmas Tree” of this new Frapuccino come around to play with the whipped Green Matcha cream. Matcha is trendy yet it blends around well as a soothing balance to the rich Mocha Frapuccino.

The whipped cream of the drink on the top is drizzled with caramel, candied cranberries, and one dried strawberry completes the “tree topper”. Whilst the add-ons are quite supercilious, unfortunately the mandatory bait for Instagram doesn’t at all make any interference to the taste of the drink.

It was around April when Starbucks made a huge success with the Unicorn Frapuccino, a subtle sweet colour-changing drink that quickly gone viral on Instagram. However, with this new Christmas Tree Frapuccino finally Starbuck got the holy-grail; a festive drink that’s Instagram worthy.