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New Leaks of iPhone Discloses Powerful Upgrade


Whatever approaches Apple does make in the iPhones it launches in 2018, it seems like one major area will be focusing in the battery performance. Recent report suggests that Apple is functioning on replacing the latest two-cell design with an advanced single-cell design, and it’s good as long as the engineers are able to make it on an L-shape.

This revelation comes from a marked analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo of the KGI Securities. By adding the recent two-cell structure onto the L-shaped cell there’s going to be some extra internal volume for storing the energy, surmising that the battery technology can be tackled within the required physical space.

This is not at all happening for the first time when Apple has created a product with irregular shape for increasing that extra battery life. Back in 2015, the construction of the stepped battery in MacBook machines feels a bit awkward space, made in such a way so that extra power could be stored within the Laptop chassis. It’s from the surface this new L-battery will be using identical techniques for providing more volume to the internal for battery cells by minimizing the packing around the battery.

Reports from Kuo suggests that the new battery shape will be offering 300 mAh or something like that for smartphones of Apple, making an increase in the capacity for around 10 percent. With year on year performance consistency in improvements that software can make for enduring figures this would mark an important increase in the convenient life of a Smartphone of Cupertino.

For any manufacturer of Smartphone enhancing the battery life is one key goal. Thanks to the compact integration of hardware and software of it, Apple has one in-built advantage if been compared to Android, and its necessity for working with the huge range of parts and chips. As capable of making more refractory shape within the casing of iPhones will propose a double hit both of increased efficiency and increased capacity, as offered by Apple in extending more capacity outmatching longer endurance for the new range of 2018 iPhones. .