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Microsoft Working on a Courier Dual Screen Surface Device, Disclosed in Patent Filing

Dual Screen Surface Device

Microsoft may have done with its production of Windows Mobile totally, but the company itself isn’t done yet and is working on a very compact device having dual screens, which will slither into the “Surface” family. This smallish device has dual displays and they gather in the middle with a trick pivot. The key details that the patent resemblance and abstract focus on is the resting system that the permits the device foldable into any adjustable position that you may require.

One of the photos also display that the device is been folded into a tepee having a traditional face of alarm clock aiming at the user. That could be one of the very interesting features considering how many individuals actually are dependent on their smartphones as an alarm clock during night. Since the device is tented up it could keep you from having to reach out to the device and tap on a button and wake the screen of the device to view or check the time.

Regarding the hinge Microsoft writes in the description that these current concepts relate to devices like computing devices enrolling hinge assemblies, which can rotationally secure first and second device parts relative to an axis of first hinge that narrates to the first portion and one second hinge axis relating to the second portion. From one point of view the current hinge assemblies can be seen being “self-regulating” and in that rotation is administered, so that the expanse of rotation across the first hinge axis parallels to the amount of rotation within the second hinge axis.

Microsoft does make a note about the electronic components such as; processors, circuit boards, memory, or storage can be secured within both the displayed sections of this new device. So this means that when the device folds into a smaller size than a traditional tablet or notebook, it can still stuff the same components inside it.

It was first heard that Microsoft was still waging around on a dual screen device back in October when rumours were flipping out saying it could come up with a stylish courier-type device.