Home News Ad-Blocking to Arrive on Chrome Browser of Google on Feb-15

Ad-Blocking to Arrive on Chrome Browser of Google on Feb-15


Google declared on June that its Chrome Browser will be blocking ads on websites, which aren’t complaisant with preferable ad standards. And now it’s known when the functionality of this will go live and it’s on Feb15th 2018.

It will not be entirely blocking all kinds of ads, only the ones that are esteemed aggressive by the Affiliation for Better Ads, whose members include from the advertising industry like; Facebook, Procter & Gamble, Google, and Washington post and groups.

When it was first announced on June Google said that it planned in filtering out offensive ads from sites that make use of intrusive ads, annoying ad content, and also mobile ads that cover up almost 30% of your phone’s space. Talking of better standards in Ads mean no pop up of unnecessary ads, no ads that avert the web content from being displayed till the timer counts down, no such video ads that automatically starts playing audio, and no ads that consumes up the wide portions of the website. One thing that’s notable here is the native ad-blocking feature on Chrome browser won’t restrain ads from tracking you.

On Tuesday, Google also clearly explained that it may block any ad that doesn’t fit those patterns and are displayed on sites that randomly uses obtrusive advertising experience. It’s because Google will be tracking regularly whether the ads on the sites infringe the Coalition for Better Ads.

Sites that will repeatedly be found on the violation of the above mentioned standards beyond 30 days, will be having themselves within the penalty box, and will get their entire ads blocked until they clear up all their acts. For helping sites to turn advertising on again in Chrome, and track violations, Google has also launched a report tool on ad experiencing.

Nevertheless, there are also comments coming from critics that Google has come up with this ad-blocking for driving publishers ahead to use the own advertising products of the company.

Google revealed this on a blog post that was first reported by Venture Beat, about live going of native ad-blocking on 15th Feb.