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Amazon Obtains Video Doorbell Blink & Security Camera Blink


Spotlighting its rising ambitions in Internet-connected home devices, Amazon has obtained the start-up of wireless security camera Blink.

The agreement that got announced on Friday, gives Amazon a growing star in the emanating and immensely competitive field of connected home devices that consists the Nest of Alphabet. In integration to a wireless security camera, Blink produces a security a video doorbell, which let users/homeowners peek at their smartphones to see a live feed when anyone is at their door.

Though the financial terms of this acquisition wasn’t revealed.

The security Camera’s of Blink was first introduced back in 2016, and is well known for their ease of set-up and no requirement of a plug because they can well operate on batteries. The video door-bell that costs $99 also comes in battery powered.

Amazon thrush into connected home devices that began in 2014 with its device “Echo”, the smart speaker those banks on voice recognition for answering questions and to perform things like ordering Uber rides. The company stretched its connected lineup for homes back this year with its Cloud Cam, which is a security camera that has from then has become a fundamental part of Amazon Key; a connected lock that allows the delivery workers of Amazon enter homes for dropping by ordered packages when the homeowner is out.

On Thursday, Blink said that it would continue operating as a part of Amazon and will be selling the same products that it already does. It was through e-mail that was sent to customers, where Blink announced that this company has been purchased by Amazon.

The mail was addressed by greeting to the community and having written on it that they’re exited in announcing that Blink has been acquired by the Amazon, since its launch in early 2016, and that they are thrilled by the response from consumers by purchasing their ultra affordable items. This acquisition only seen success due to the constant support of consumers and they want to thank each one of them.

If consumers own anything now nothing changes for them now as they continue to sell under Amazon umbrella.

No other further information was provided by the Company apart from all these.