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Honor 7X worth $200 of Huawei is the Future Smartphone of the Industry

Honor 7x

What should be the actual cost of a dual-rear camera, multi-core, drop hardened, full HD+, water resistant, micro-SD capable, 32-GB dual sim Android Smartphone along with a finger print sensor? $800? $600? $400? Try $200.

Doesn’t it sound surprisingly shocking? But no it’s a true fact.

Te Chinese giant Huawei started rolling out Honor 7X in the market North America for the last few weeks and will also be introducing it to other regions, like South America in a grand way in this coming 2018.

The phone features home-grown multi-core HiSilicon 659 SoC of Huawei, an edge-to-edge full HD+ display and couple rear-cameras. The phone also comes with a 3340 mAh battery that will keep it running all day.

The phone gives more like a super-premium device feel, as it is built like one of them.

The phone is hard and tiny and attractive and one mustn’t feel fear in gifting it to the most careless screen-shattering teenagers of Gen-Y in one’s household, and they also shouldn’t feel guilty in sporting it in front of the judgemental friends of theirs with much high-end devices either.

Drop the phone all day on the concrete from six feet all day and it will still be fine as it is made in this tough way to withstand such drops, but most likely the worst part if not been used with a thin, cheap rubber skin-type case for covering it, it can get damaged.

The phone also gained a rating of IP67 for dust and water resistant. If one is looking for a super fleet phone for their kids, or an universal travel device, or if you are a vendor and into mobile business having credit-card strip reader and are scared of capsizing high-end phones in the sphere, then this is the ultimate one.

The amount of money everyone pays for a Smartphone, now it feels like every phone should be made this tough. Now if one thinks that how come such a device having premium specs built in such an affordable price?  Well the answer to this is vertical addition.


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