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Android Circuit Storyline: Samsung Validates Galaxy S9, Leaks of Launching, Success of Nokia, Oreo for the OnePlus 5T


If stepping back and having a glimpse at all the news headlines of the Android platform all over the globe, Android Circuit of this week includes the most recent designs of Samsung Galaxy S9 from the case manufacturers and also the public filing of FCC, perceptions on the launch date of Galaxy S9, Nokia’s 2017 successful year, Mate 10 from Huawei is coming to America, OnePlus pulls its sleeve for Oreo update, and Google is cancelling out its final Android tablet.

Android Circuit is now heading here to let everyone about few many things that’s happening around this past week. Though all details have not yet been given by Samsung publically about the Galaxy S9, the manufacturers of the case are rolling out designs into the retail chain, and all of them are in accordance as regard the design cues of S9. It’s worthy enough to say that the flagship of this South Korean company looks like locked in.

Samsung didn’t go for a press conference but its submission publically to the FCC about the approval of the confirmation of the Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy S9. Galaxy S9 stepping in with improvements such as screen-to-body ratio, a 3.5mm retained headphone jack, dual cameras, one jack and a rear finger-print sensor that’s centrally positioned.

Now coming to the launch date there are other indications that Samsung will be shifting Galaxy S9 to the shelves soon after the revelation of MWC. This probably would mean that the launch date is near about around 11th March.

Coming back to Nokia, it had a great year in 2017, and if talking about the giant Smartphone stories this entire 2017 then it’s the comeback of Nokia brand into the retail market.

There are hand counted companies in the market that have launched with smartphones and have made it to the top ten million in the first year on smart-handset sales, which included either a new company making an entry into the market or existing companies coming with re-launch of their new items.


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