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Cuomo Government Offers $34 million Extension of Airport North of NYC


Government Andre Cuomo is offering an expansion and modernization worth $34 million of the Stewart Airport, in the North of the New York City, for accommodating greater number of international flights.

On Thursday the Democrat said that he demands the Port Authority of New Jersey and New York for approving $27 million to the public funds, having the rest incoming from the private investors.

Cuomo states the new, in Newburgh, the state-of-the-art facility could be renamed as “New York International” in the Stewart field. Last the airport started proposing trans-Atlantic flights, along with service Belfast, Dublin, Northern Ireland, and Shannon and Edinburgh, Scotland.

A private investment would be covering the $7 million installation of solar system, which will help in producing the electricity for the main terminal. The project design is expected to be completed in early 2018 following the construction work.

Governor Cuomo said that by the transformation of the Stewart Airport they are inviting and also providing gateway to the region and also highly changing the economic-engine for the whole Mid-Hudson valley. This international transportation hub will be a world-class experience among passengers, draw new visitors, and also businesses and continue in shifting the Mid-Hudson valley ahead.

This offering has already gained a lot of support from the local community as it helps in preserving the heritage of the Stewart family name in the region of Mid-Hudson valley.

Back in February the Governor announced about a partnership between Norwegian and New York International, which will be generating $36 million in all sorts of economic activity and build almost 230 new jobs within the region. The project is assumed to be entirely complete by the third quarter of year 2018, and the construction work of the new FIS is assumed to be over by the first quarter of 2021.

The gateways of New York are the gateways of Empire State, and to continue constructing the record-breaking numbers of spending and visitors, the investments of the Governor are modernizing air travel via the launch of the “Upstate Airport Economic Development and Revitalization Competition”, and also redevelopment of LaGuardia airports and JFK in New York.


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