California Releases its Initial Legal Retail Sales of Marijuana


    Exactly it wasn’t any cannabis Monday just when California thought of launching the first ever retail sales of Marijuana, but for those who could search for the drug celebrated this historic day, queuing up early for the ribbon cuttings, offerings, freebies, ranging from cookies to chewy bears making to weed with names such as Red Dragon.

    In this launch, Jeff Deakin, who is of age 66, waited in the cold the entire night, along with Mary; wife and even along their dog, to be the first in a line of about 100 people when “Harborside” dispensary; a long time pot shop of medical items in Oakland, opened in the early morning at 6 a.m. and proposed an early customer sticks for a penny and also free T-shirts and read “Flower to the people”; reefer for all.

    Deakin stated that it’s been long since him and others have could just step through into a place and feel safe and secured and be able to grab something, which was good without having to stepping in to the back alley. This is kind of a great deal for everyone.

    Steve DeAngelo founder of “Harborside” used a giant pair of scissors to cut the green ribbons for the inauguration by declaring that those giant pair of scissors he dubs it free, before hooking up with the first customer at a cash register.

    Licensed shops are strenuous in the Bay Area San Francisco, San Diego, across Palm Springs, Santa Cruz, and San Jose, where the shop named KindPeoples nailed a banner Monday announcing that the prohibition is over.

    The state had banned what is called as the “loco weed”, back in 1913, although it has relieved criminal penalties for using drugs since 1970s and was the first ever state in legalizing marijuana for various medicinal purposes around 1996.

    Attorneys guiding a team of city dispensaries have come to conclusion those businesses until they obtain local and state licenses can legally sell medicinal marijuana as “collectives”, under the new system. This was said by the Jerred Kiloh of the Business Association of the United Cannabis, an industry group.


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