Samsung’s Lofty Partner Endorses Radical Galaxy S9


    After the grand leak out of the final design of Galaxy S9, Samsung is trying its hardest to turn out one of the biggest partners of Samsung that may have unintentionally overturned the biggest 2018 Smartphone by Samsung.

    GizmoChina declares to have been attended a Qualcomm Smartphone roadmap for its Snapdragon flagship 845 chipset. On it there aren’t only the launches of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy S9, but even the Galaxy Note 9 and most of the major Android Smartphone releases, including OnePlus 6, HTC U12, Nokia 10, V 40, LG G7, and Google Pixel 3.

    The most interesting thing on the list was that of the schedule of Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy S9 and it was on February. The Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy S8 were launched in April, hence the step up of Samsung provides all those phones only a ten month hold on to top spot that’s surprisingly a short time period.

    Besides this, the list also highly adjusts with the patterns entrenched, OnePlus, HTC, and Google in the current years. As of in this case it would be easy for Qualcomm to plausibly opposing the leak, even if chronicle were to gradually display that all these release date are actually just exact.

    Now heading back to Galaxy S9, why is it significant in stating that Samsung is building one of the radical smartphones of 2018, is not because of the class that’s leading to screen-to-body ratio, which will be getting further better, but because Samsung challenges in retaining highly and set itself apart from its rivals.

    Whereas, the plucky Motorola, Apple, Google, and rest others have declined the expandable storage and the headphone jack is being kept aside on one side, Samsung is holding it strong and cupping the headline hardware whilst retaining fan favourites of these two. Samsung going radical in 2018 and that only means it is daring to go against the trend and not just lead them. Although, Samsung is beginning the 2018 with actively radical average-rangers Galaxy A8 Plus and Galaxy A8, and the weird folding Galaxy X.


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