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Tesla CEO Elon Musk Needs to make Impudent Call for its Model 3 Before it goes out of Hand

Elon Musk

This new year of 2018 Tesla may not have high hopes in reaching its goals for the Model 3. As CEO Elon Musk of Tesla, calls it as a hell production and it has reached a new peak of flashing discomfort at the Tesla. The previous week the company reported that it has dropped down pretty good from its target of reaching its goals for the delivery of Model 3, which is a $35,000 automated car that’s expect to transform Tesla from a nook player to the dominant force in the new era of electrified vehicles.

Tesla also shoved down its production plan by a full-quarter for its Model 3; where a 5,000 unit weekly run rate now won’t be arriving till the end of the 2018’s second-quarter.

On a positive side Tesla has gained a record for the deliveries made in 2017, sold over 100,000 automobiles for the first time ever in history in 14 years since its establishment. And there seems a splash of pretty cold water in its hell production; fewer deliveries in 2018 means that Tesla will be tapping out federal tax credit of $7,500 later that presumed.

The split between the two businesses of Tesla seems to be hitting. Musk now needs to make some brave movement.

A pullback on Model 3 may cost Musk on his position as a CEO. Though it’s not entirely necessarily so, but it might be the case. Indeed it would be a challenge for him that is right on him now at his face, of a quarter-million car failure. But one thing seems to be interesting here as well, is him confronting about this, as the sale of Model 3 has been the worst in the latest history of auto industry. It is so far the worst case seen in the market covering such business.

Thought the ball is still not out of the court, but Musk may and needs to do something big from letting the setbacks and delays happen. He needs to step out and take the biggest leap that may be the most discomfiting and a strike in his career.


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