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Apple: Aim to Clean up China’s Environment


Apple Company will Generate Renewable Energy that can be utilized all over China. They aim to use clean energy. The generation of energy is from the wind and solar energy.

It will launch a $ 300 Million fund that will identify and invest in clean energy projects in the world’s second largest economy that announced by iPhone Company.

The investment aim of Apple is to generate enough renewable energy to power the equivalent of nearly one million households in China. Also is working with 10 of its global suppliers.

So many products made by Apple in China and then sell all over world. Around 20% of firm sales are done in country.

Changes in economic strength in China’s recent decades have affected the country’s environment and the health of its population. Pollution suppression has become a priority, even if it impedes the economic growth of the country.

The Greenpeace Environmental Group has warned that the production of electronic products consumes much energy in China and uses pollutant coal invoices.